Rapid City, South Dakota

Generation Frustration

The companies we have been consulting with share a somewhat new complaint…North Dakota oil field jobs are taking our workers.  Laborers are lured to North Dakota by big paychecks and a seemingly awesome schedule (9 days on; 9 days off).  Adding to the frustration for companies is the fact that they think they’re doing everything they can to get and keep good employees.  Competitive pay (in South Dakota anyway) and benefits are the logical solutions but not even they are keeping employees.

What if the benefits and rewards that used to work no longer work?  We now have five generations in the workplace.  The younger generations often get criticized for ‘wanting it all right now.’  The truth is that research coming out about our youngest workers shows the same things that history revealed about older generations – they want meaningful work.  What’s different about younger generations is they also want balance; fun at work; lots of feedback; different kinds of recognition; and a voice in their workplace.  They expect to have several careers over the course of their working lives and retire very old.

As companies ponder ways to keep employees they need to consider pay that competes with surrounding states and benefits and rewards that appeal to the younger generations.  The benefits and recognition don’t necessarily need to be bigger, just more creative and more frequent.  Want a great way to find out what employees want?  Ask them.