Rapid City, South Dakota

Who We Are

Adam and Leah HarneyWe began to notice a trend with the various business we have helped throughout the years:  The same businesses that hired us for staff training and employee coaching were seeking broader business advice.  “How is our customer service?” became a theme,  along with “How can we be more efficient and productive?”  The more we discussed these developments with the business owners, the more we realized our seemingly divergent skill sets had more in common with their needs than previously thought.

Everyone is passionate about individual and business success.  The passion and dedication of the business owners and the skills of dedicated employees combine for a powerful business.  A strong balance of these combined skill sets leads to a more balanced personnel and a more stable and productive business with stronger business relationships.

Leah Braun, Principal of Harney Business Group, leads successful coaching and training sessions throughout the Black Hills area.  She has coached many clients through a variety of professional and personal issues.  She conducts numerous seminars and retreats in topics ranging from customer service to work-and-life balance.   She retired at the rank of Master Sergeant after 22 years of military service, where Leah began to hone her passion for working with people and helping groups get to the next level.  While in the military, Leah earned a teaching degree and an MS in administrative studies with an emphasis in counseling.  Leah is a Certified Professional Coach, credentialed through the International Coach Federation.

Adam Braun, co-owner of Harney Business Group, has a successful business career and has shown to be a versatile manager and leader with proven success supporting Fortune 500 clients. His capabilities include: sales motivation and strategy; customer satisfaction insight and design; business process improvement; international outsourcing; contract negotiations and account management; social media strategy moderation; group facilitation; cross functional project management; customer experience mapping; and data analysis and interpretation.

Dr. Bill Meirose, Training Facilitator, adds a strong civic and faith element to HBG’s course offerings. Bill has extensive experience in providing personality profiling, family and personal relationship coaching and seminars, suicide intervention training and prevention courses, and a variety of other relationship- and business-based training packages.  Dr. Meirose is retired from the South Dakota National Guard and has a EdD in adult and higher education.  He is currently serving as the Executive Director of the South Dakota Joining Forces Initiative; whose mission is to bring community resources together to better serve Veterans.